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Put Your Fitness Foot Forward with Help of Clearwater Mall

TIPS AND TRICKS  |  NOV 14, 2023


Getting the fitness season started may seem like a gruelling marathon filled with tired and sweaty days, but we’re here to motivate you! At Clearwater Mall, we believe that summer bodies are built all year round and that it is not just about pumping iron in the gym. 

It’s an enjoyable journey of laughter, nutrients and pushing yourself past your comfort zone. With these fitness stores in Roodepoort, we’ll make your fitness journey more of a fun obstacle course that you can look forward to every day. 

Fitness Fashion: Look Good, Feel Better 

We know this might not be the most important aspect of getting fit, but as the motto goes, look good, feel good. Having fitness fits that you’re excited to strut in is a great motivator to getting your journey started. Here are some of the essentials: 

1. Shoes 

Good shoes are one of the most important things when it comes to fitness. Ideally, you would want a shoe that is comfortable, fits well and supports your feet as you stride. A good place to start shopping is Footgear.

At Footgear, they have a wide selection of running shoes that are essential for the active season. Footgear is affordable and is home to many well-known brands, such as Adidas, Converse and Under Armour. So head to Footgear in Clearwater Mall and check out their awesome sales. 

Another great store to find running shoes is Cross Trainer. Here, they have high-quality shoes that are perfect for all things athletic, and they don’t only focus on ergonomics to keep your feet supported but also focus on style. With a selection of stylish shoes for you to choose from, you can curate the perfect fitness fit. 

2. Activewear 

As easy as it is to throw on shorts and a T-shirt before a workout, it is much better to have activewear that is designed to support your body during your workout. At Totalsports, one of the most well-known sports shops in West Rand, they have a massive variety of activewear for you to choose from. 

Providing for men, women and children, Totalsports is the ideal store to find all kinds of fitness wear. They stock clothing from brands such as Nike, Adidas and Puma. All of which are some of South Africa's leading sports brands. Grab a second skin to wear under your shirt or a new pair of workout tights at Totalsports.

Another ideal activewear store is H&M. Their clothes are good quality and affordable, so if you’re a beginner looking for activewear that matches your vibe and aesthetic, H&M is the perfect spot for you. 

3. Accessories

When we talk about fitness accessories, we don’t mean jewellery; we mean caps, socks, duffle bags, smart watches and sports equipment. The place that has it all is Mr Price Sport. Get your hands on every accessory you need to get your fitness journey going right here. 

At Mr Price Sport, you will be spoiled for choice. They have a wide variety of sports equipment and accessories to choose from. Stocking equipment for yoga, swimming, cardio, boxing and many other sports, Mr Price Sport has you covered on all your sporting needs. When you’re trying to stay motivated, it is ideal to engage in a variety of active activities to keep your routine spontaneous and interesting. 

Accessories like socks, caps and bags are fitness essentials. Is the sun shining too bright? Grab a hat! Going for a run? Make sure to put on well-ventilated socks! Need to track your heart rate? A smartwatch from Mr Price Sport is ideal! So get equipped and get ready to get started.

Nutrition and Fitness Goes Hand in Hand 

Having a good balance of eating well and exercising is the key to putting your fitness foot forward. Eating superfoods that are high in protein is ideal for keeping up your energy and staying motivated. 

For your fix of fresh ingredients, visit Woolworths. Woolworths is your one-stop shop for all things fruit, vegetables and healthy snacks. Grab all your faves and start planning a balanced diet that suits you. If you’re looking to buy protein or maybe some pre-workout to get started, we suggest checking out Xtreme Nutrition. 

At Xtreme Nutrition, they have protein and supplements of all kinds in many different flavours. The helpful and educated staff are always ready to assist anyone who might need a little extra help choosing the right fit for them! 

Final Words 

With the help of Clearwater Mall, you can achieve all your fitness goals; all you have to do is get started and stay motivated. When it comes to activewear, equipment and nutrition, we are your number-one fitness partner in West Rand!

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