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Home, wherever it may be, is the sanctuary of peace, or rather it should be. It is the place where we spend most of our time. With that being said, don’t live your life thinking, “I wish that I could change these curtains”, or “my kitchenware is looking worse for wear” – don’t live your life wishing for more; simply shop for better decor. Consider giving your space the ole’ turn around and shop for homeware and furniture by fine-tuning your abode into the place you want to and can relax in. Clearwater Mall stocks the most precious items that will upgrade your place into a palace with a tap of your card. Take your space to the next level with some premium homeware and decor essentials from these stores. 

Kitchen Creations 

If you are interested in curating a living space with world-class collections, then you have just found a new interior decor best friend in Carrol Boyes. With 30 years of interior design expertise, there is nothing that this brand can’t do to turn your house into a home with taste. There are impeccable timepieces that will tickle your taste and give your home the star-quality treatment. There are elements of quirky brilliance, elegance and a world of colourful options to choose from. Set your sights on Carrol Boyes’ kitchen, dining and bar collections, and create an effortless experience in every room. Kit out your home with timeless functionality and expert durability at this premium decor essentials store. Whether you’re cooking, serving, sleeping or hosting, make sure you show off your style. 

Suppose you have had your eyes set on a kitchen collection that will make your casserole dish the talk of the town. Then you should cast your kitchen woes onto Le Creuset’s cast iron collection, which includes pans, skillets, dishes, saucepans and roasters. However, if you are trying to show off your flare for kitchenware, stick around and create scrumptious dishes with the toughened non-stick range, which is filled with grills, roasters, deep frying pans and, of course, ovenware! Say goodbye to drab and boring dinner parties and prepare your home for quaint and quintessential cocktail parties, culinary occasions and celebrations all year long. 

All in one 

Coricraft is the home of exquisitely curated decor and more to give your living space luxury effortlessly. Why settle for filling your home with second-hand furniture when you could style your space with Coricraft’s impeccable collection to make your home’s interior superior? From couches to lounge about on, corner to slouch couches, dining room tables, servers and sideboards, headboards, dressers, chests, chairs and cabinets, explore a world of opportunities with the best in home-office essentials with the greatest in shelves, desks, chairs, and drawers.

Homemaker essentials 

Get to sleep on your terms every season with The Mattress Gallery, where support is always offered at the home of rest. Don’t be silly; shop Sealy. With comfort-centric Posturepedic technology, your sleep will always be a priority. The Gallery stocks everything you will need to find a solution to your sleepless nights. Incredible mattresses, from Sealy, Slumberland to Edblo and pillows, bedding protectors and bed bases to create the bedroom of your dreams. 

Are your floors missing the best in oriental hand-woven carpets? Not anymore, because the hidden gem of Clearwater Mall is The Flying Carpet. There is a whole new world in store for you, so without further ado, get all of your rugs restored and refurbished, your carpets cleaned, or purchase a one-of-a-kind carpet creation which will serve as a perfect statement piece for every home. While you’re at it, shake up your style and shop for exquisite hand-woven bags. 

Final Words 

A home is where the heart is, so why not shop Clearwater Mall’s home and decor stores that will make your heart skip a beat? It is one of the best shopping malls in Roodepoort and if you don’t believe us, have a look for yourself. From dishware, bedding, furniture and brilliant carpets, your home will look spick and span. Oh, and cook up a storm with the best kitchenware collection, such as non-stick pans.

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