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Milky Lane (Halaal)

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Riaz Khan
Entrance 8 Upper level

Waffles - Sweet & Savoury, Mini Waffles, Spinners, Milkshakes, Sundaes, Cheesecake, Pancakes, Muffins - Sweet & Savoury, Hot Stuff, Kids Menu,

Trading Hours
Monday - Thursday  09:00am – 19:30pm
Friday -Saturday 09:00am – 20:00pm
Sunday 09:00am – 18:00pm

Milky Lane Clearwater Mall serves the tastiest desserts, waffles and treats, made with our signature NiceCream.  Situated close to entrance 8 on the upper level, shop number UM015D, our shop is a must!  From wonder-filled waffles to other happy concoctions of feel-good indulgence. Spoil your loved ones and find your Happy Place here at Clearwater Mall. Our NiceCream Cakes are the perfect way to celebrate all of those special occasions. Indulge the senses with a delightful treat today.   Ola Milky Lane is a world-famous ice cream shop that has been in popular in South Africa for decades. The store's owners wanted to create an environment where people of all ages could come enjoy their favorite iced treats, and they have succeeded at doing so. They provide options for anyone looking to indulge in a milkshake, sundae, or any other sweet treat!  Our sweet muffins are served with Ola soft or cream and come in chocolate, caramel, or blueberry. Sweet pancakes are served with Ola soft or cream - with your choice of filling. You will also find warm and fuzzy drinks on the menu if you're feeling parched. Whether you want something small or huge, there are plenty of options at Ola Milky Lane! At Milky Lane we believe that life, like ice cream, is for enjoying! In our world there are no rules. Express Yourself. Surprise yourself. We promise to provide all the options. Choose what you want and how you want it. You are free to indulge.  For those who prefer something savoury, we have a variety for you too. The original waffle makers, Milky lane offers a choice of freshly made sweet or savoury waffles. Indulge in a rich, cheesy savoury waffle or pancake or try our savoury muffins, available in caramelised cheese and onion, or spinach and feta. Milky Lane is the sweetest venue for kiddies birthday parties, and we provide cakes too. Please give us a call to discuss your requirements. You can have your cake and eat it too – at Milky Lane.

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