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MAC Cosmetics Clearwater (Edgars)

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Foundations, Lipsticks, Eyeshadows, Brushes, Primers, Skincare, Powders, Liners eyes / lips, Blushes,

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Mon - Thurs : 9am - 7pm Fri : 9am - 9pm Sat : 9am - 7pm Sun : 9am - 5pm

Clearwater Mall proudly hosts M·A·C Cosmetics, the world’s leading professional makeup authority because of our unrivaled expertise in makeup ARTISTRY.  With over a million loyal fans and followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, their ethos is “we create make-up for you to wear every day.” M·A·C products are used by celebrities, models and fashion designers around the globe as well as everyday people who simply want to look good without having to hide behind their makeup. M·A·C was started in 1984 by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo with a line called “Made from the best parts of nature – no fake stuff!” Today that still M·A·C Clearwater Shopping Centre celebrates diversity and individuality for All Ages, All Races, and All Genders. M·A·C Cosmetics Clearwater Mall is a proud community of professional makeup artists working together to bring their vision to life. MAC is at the forefront of fashion trendsetting, collaborating with leading talents from fashion, art, and popular culture. M·A·C believes in social responsibility; with initiatives such as Viva Glam and MAC AIDS Fund at the heart and soul of our unique culture. M·A·C Cosmetics is situated in Edgars, Shop Number LM022.  We are a leading cosmetics brand that strives for excellent customer service.

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