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Doppio Zero (Not Halaal)

Shop Number
LM 133
Contact Person
Tandi Rosenbrock
Entrance 2 Food court (Piazza)

Pizza, Burgers, Breakfast, Steaks, Coffee, Pastries, Mediterranean dishes, Artisan Bread,

Trading Hours
Mon – Sun: 8:00 – 20:00

Doppio Zero Clearwater Mall, situated close to entrance 2 on the food court, shop number LM133, is a continental-style café, restaurant, and bakery. Offering anything from a light early breakfast of oven-fresh croissants to traditional clay oven pizzas, vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals, delectable dinners and a range of home and office catering meals and platters for every occasion. We believe in the goodness of quality; this attitude has shaped our hands-on approach at Doppio Zero. Every season we revisit our menus with some fresh ideas and seasonal ingredients. We love entertaining and so we celebrate each season with fresh campaigns and specialty dishes or products that we love. Doppio Zero in Clearwater Mall takes pride in its great bakery and confectionery section with a vast variety of freshly baked artisan bread, cakes and sweets.  Prepared from the finest ingredients, you'll be sure to come back for more. The Doppio Zero definition: Double Zero (00) is a grading of the finest milled flour used to make pizza, pasta and confectionery. We use “Farina 00” to make our famous gourmet pizzas. At Doppio, we believe in comfort food made easy – pockets of warm savoury delights!

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