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Welcome to Brow Architech, South Africa's premier Lash & Brow Studio. The place where consistency and skill are our best and only attributes. Join the world of brow and lash engineering, where arches frame the face and lashes lift your spirit. At Brow Architect Clearwater Mall we stand out above the rest with highly qualified, trained, and above all, skilled brow and lash technicians, with a clear objective and a unique concept. Our store is situated close to entrance 3, shop number LM095. We at Brow Architect Clearwater Mall believe we are experts in the following fields: Facial Threading, Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting, Lash Lifting, Express Eyelash Extensions, Classic Eyelash Extensions, Russian Layering Eyelash Extensions, and Micro-Blading. We believe that your #ONFLEEK Eyebrows and Eyelashes start right here at Brow Architect Clearwater Mall. A unique aspect of Brow Architect is that before any brow treatment, we provide brow training and consultations. With our special measuring technique, we leave you to rest assured that we will not remove a single hair more than what you agreed upon.

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