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Security & Parking

The parking allows convenient access to the whole mall with an entrance from both Hendrik Potgieter and Christiaan de Wet Roads. The more than 5,200 parking bays are within an enclosed control system with Fidelity managing the security.

HPay stations are situated at all entrances / exits to and from the mall and customers need to pay before exiting the mall. Please ensure that you validate your parking ticket at the pay station before proceeding to the booms. This includes shoppers that have parked for less than an hour in the open parking. Tickets not validated will show a "time exceeded" message and the boom will not open.

There are at least 4 Disabled Parking bays demarcated at each entrance.

The parking is managed by Servest

1 hour FREE parking when you shop at Pick 'n Pay. Validate your parking ticket at Pick n Pay.

Parking Rates

Covered Parking
0 - 2 Hours
2 - 5 Hours
6+ Hours
Lost ticket

Open Parking
0 - 1 Hour
1 - 2 Hours
2 - 6 Hours
6+ Hours
Lost ticket

Flat rate of R10.00 apply from Monday - Sunday after 7pm.

There are 2 main entrances from the two main roads leading into various parking areas with the choice of covered parking at entrance 1, 2, 3 and 5 on the ground level. All upper level parking is covered. The only open parking is at entrance 4 next to Christiaan de Wet Road and a portion open bays at entrance 5, behind Car@wash.

The Mall is configured in a three-legged triangular format with an anchor tenant at each point of the triangle on the lower level. The Piazza is central to the triangle with access to each of the three malls. It is open to the sky with trees and a pavement café atmosphere. To solve the problem of cold Johannesburg nights, the court has a retractable roof, which will enclose the restaurant zone when required, and the area will become part of the enclosed mall.


There are 9 entrances / doors into the mall
Entrance 1
Standard Bank / Wimpy
Entrance 2
JB's Corner / Ocean Basket
Entrance 3
Jeauval Hair Salon / Woolworths ground level
Entrance 4
FNB / Mugg & Bean
Entrance 5
ABSA / Verimark
Entrance 6
Lift to ABSA / Pick 'n Pay
Entrance 7
Entrance 8
The Mattress Gallery
Entrance 9

The Information Desk is situated at entrance 2 where the following services are offered

  • Wheel chairs are available free of charge for the elderly, injured or disabled by leaving your ID book or drivers' license with the attendant.
  • Pay point for lost parking tickets.
  • Information on shops, events, competitions, telephone numbers and trading hours.
  • Mall gift cards can be purchased here, only VISA and Mastercard credit cards and / debit cards. No cash will be accepted.

Parking Manager

Daantjie Van den Heever
   079 851 4337

Fidelity Security has security guards placed in and around the mall patrolling the site. The CCTV cameras are monitored 24 hours a day by the control room and we have a supervisor on site day and night.

Security Manager

Quentin Janse van Rensburg
   079 100 3389

There are 3 baby change rooms, one on the upper level (behind Tekkie Town) and two on the ground level (1 behind Ciao Baby and 1 behind Steers). The family rooms and baby change rooms are clean and comfortable and we have a cleaner on duty ensuring that the change rooms stay clean and fresh.