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Exhibition Rules & Regulations

The following set out the basic Rules & Regulations pertaining to exhibitions - these regulations are kindly to be adhered to at all times during exhibition periods:

  • Height: No part of the exhibition to exceed 1.5m in height.
  • Pull-up banners to be double-sided when not used against a backdrop. No more than 2 pull-up banners per exhibition.
  • No trestle tables with table cloths.
  • Selling off the stands - tenants will be allowed to sell from their stands, provided they follow the rules for exhibiting.
  • Outside companies will be allowed to sell from the stand, provided they follow the rules for exhibitors.
  • Should an exhibition be executed outside the "Rules and Regulations", it must be with the prior written consent of the General Manager of the mall.
  • No subletting of the exhibition space will be permitted without prior written consent by the Sales Manager.
  • Daily cleaning of the stand by the exhibitor.
  • Electrical cables need to be covered/hidden from public view.
  • Signage required - to accompany all exhibitions (indicating service, product and/or company). Signage to be professionally designed and produced. No handwritten signage is allowed.
  • Signage needs to be free standing.
  • Exhibitions shall not commence without a signed contract.
  • All exhibitions need to be reviewed prior to acceptance based on product, layout and design plans submitted by the prospective client.

Please Note:

A promotion/exhibition is only deemed confirmed upon receipt of the 25% securing deposit's payment with booking confirmation and once the Exhibition Agreement has been signed by the exhibitor and back in the possession of the Mall.

Bank Details:
Name of Account
Hyprop Investments Ltd
Account Number
149 701 0470
Name of Bank
Nedbank Corporate
Branch Code
187 505
Deposit Reference
Company Name

Payment may be done by cheque. If you pay electronically, please fax through the confirmation of payment to 086 560 6845. (Electronic transfers are only deemed confirmed when payment is reflected on bank statement.)