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Mall Gift Vouchers

Mall gift cards can be purchased at the Guest Relations Desk located at Entrance 2 or Centre Management Reception. Only VISA and Mastercard credit cards and / debit cards. No cash will be accepted

Pre-paid Parking Tickets

For shopping convenience we have pre-paid parking tickets available to all our shoppers to avoid the parking ques. Please visit reception in the Guest Rations Desk at Entrance 2 or Reception at Centre Management outside entrance 7 for your card. Pre-paid tickets are FREE OF CHARGE to all shoppers. Money can be loaded on the card at our pay stations although printed instructions will be supplied upon collection of you card. *Cost of the lost ticket: R50


Wheel chairs are available free of charge for the elderly, injured or disabled at our Guest Relations Desk at entrance 2 or Reception at Centre Management outside Entrance 7. We will require a R100 deposit as well as your ID book or driver’s licence while using the wheelchair. The deposit will be refunded upon return of the wheelchair.

Muslim Prayer Room

The prayer room is located outside Entrance 2 under the ramp. Please visit our Guest Relations Desk at entrance 2 or Centre Management Reception outside entrance 7 for the access code.

Pensioner Wednesday

Please visit our Guest Relations Desk at Entrance 2 or reception at Centre Management to become part of our Pensioner Wednesday Club. All you need to do is complete a joining form and we will create your Clearwater Mall Pensioner Wednesday Card. A list with participating stores will be provided. Please visit the Guest Relations Desk to redeem your half price parking of R4 every Wednesday. The Club is FREE OF CHARGE to join.

*Please note that tenant promotions and the discounted parking tariff is only valid to Pensioner Wednesday members.

Baby Change Rooms

There are 3 baby change rooms, one on the upper level (behind Café Rousse) and two on the ground level (1 behind Doppio Zero and 1 behind Anat). The family rooms and baby change rooms are clean and comfortable and we have a cleaner on duty ensuring that the change rooms stay clean and fresh.

Family Rooms

2 x Family rooms (One on the upper level behind Café Rousse and 1 on the lower level behind Café Finesta). For shopper convenience we have these family rooms available as we understand the frustration of not being able to assist your child in opposite gender bathrooms.