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Treat that special someone to a special date night

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Love is in the air at Clearwater Mall, and a top tip for the lovers out there is don’t just wait for Valentine’s Day to light the spark in your relationship. Clearwater Mall has the best date spots in town; whether we’re talking about a first date or a long-term relationship, these restaurants in west Johannesburg are guaranteed to bring romance back into your life. 

Love at first bite 

Everyone knows that a first date can be extremely nerve-wracking. With the wrong person, it can be incredibly stressful, awkward and just downright exhausting. However, with the right person, time simply folds into itself, and both parties can enjoy a memorable date together. However, just to be safe, it is recommended that lunch options are a failsafe for first dates. Think about it, you won’t have to endure the pretentious romance of a candlelight dinner, and you can enjoy a coffee or a hearty meal together in broad daylight and experience the thrill of dating in the best way possible.

Our tips for first-date lunch spots have to be Clearwater Mall’s impressive cafes and eateries, such as Doppio Zero. This incredible bakery and cafe have been around for 20 years. They offer the most delectable fresh pastries, impeccable and exceptional breakfasts and an impressive menu of Italian-inspired, Mediterranean-influenced foods which have been crafted to cater to a broader South African clientele. Have a conversation over a cup of freshly brewed coffee and get to know one another over some of the best food available at Clearwater Mall.  

Though, if you are looking for affordable romantic restaurants that are intimate and creative and offer a lively and joyful space filled with irresistible aromas and flavours, you will want to bring your next date to Cafe Rousse. This eatery is the perfectly quaint spot for a budding couple to spend their day enjoying incredible food and drinks that taste even better than they look. Enjoy the menu made up of light meals, scrumptious pastries and hearty, flavourful concoctions. Enjoy your special occasion amidst the serene atmosphere surrounded by great people, enjoying great food. 

Romantic Nights 

This one goes out to the lovers, the committed individuals who are in steady relationships; in other words, you are not trying to impress one another anymore. Instead, you are trying to keep the spark alive, everyone’s schedules are busy, and life gets in the way; however, date nights are a game changer for kindling romance after all these years. If you find yourself on Google searching for date night specials near me, worry not because Clearwater Mall is the answer. 

So simply get dressed up in your favourite fancy dress clothing options, and get ready for a fine dining experience that will amp the romance up a notch at these affordable romantic restaurants. 

Clearwater Mall’s number one date night option has to be Rare Steakhouse. This premium eatery establishment beams with love and is even owned and operated by a husband and wife, who have ventured into the restaurant business to pursue their joint passion of delivering memorable experiences, countless date nights and, of course, mouth-watering food. If this does not scream romance to you, then you should look at Clearwater Mall’s other options, which are guaranteed to give you an unforgettable date night experience. 

Parrots, otherwise known as the restaurant for smooth talkers, is filled with impeccable service and delicious food, oh and, of course, drinks to make your night even better. Make sure you stop by this must-experience restaurant in Clearwater Mall if you are looking for a date night filled with good specials on great food, and an even better atmosphere. 

While if it’s Asian cuisine you’re after, because Asian-inspired food is utterly scrumptious, and a good meal makes for a great date, oh, and of course, good company; make sure you stop by Simply Asia and taste the rich flavours, Thai food, noodle bars and great sushi, which is a fresh and healthy alternative to everyday restaurants. Experience the taste of a different country, culture and heritage by indulging in the diverse and delicious menu, filled with rich flavours and out-of-this-world combinations, which is so good your date night will be unforgettable. 

Final Words 

Is date night coming up? Let Clearwater Mall help you choose your next food experience and keep the love alive this and every season.

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