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Tips for Hosting a World-Class Game Night

TIPS AND TRICKS  |  NOV 14, 2023


Having a game night is also the ultimate fun experience; whether it’s board games, card games or video games, everyone is having a good time making memories with their friends and family. There is something so magical about getting everyone together and turning a mundane night into a night of competitive mayhem. So, if you’re planning on hosting a world-class game night, Clearwater Mall has some tips for you.

Games Galore  

It goes without saying that every game night needs to have games. You want to have a wide variety of games that everyone can enjoy. Many people aren’t big fans of board games but love card games, so if you want everyone to participate and have a good time, then variety is ideal. There are some great options at these game stores in Roodepoort.

Looking for a place that has all the classic game night games? Your first stop should be Toy Kingdom! Toy Kingdom is the perfect place to find a variety of board games that everyone will enjoy. From the classic Monopoly game (they have some cool different editions) to games like Jumanji and Guess Who, they have you covered in the game department.

PNA is also a store that has an excellent selection of games for affordable prices. Here, you can even find mini versions of some classic games so that you can get more than one. PNA is the perfect combination of affordable and reliable, so we would definitely place our bets on PNA. You can even get a few arts and crafts materials to keep your guests entertained in between different games.

Setting the Scene 

When you’re the host, you always want to make sure that the atmosphere is right no matter what. So turn your game night setting into one your guests will remember with the help of Game

At Game, you will find an awesome range of decorations that will set the mood for your game night. Banners, streamers, fairy lights, maybe even a little bit of confetti just for fun; who doesn’t love confetti, right? Let your imagination run wild and add a whimsical vibe to your chosen setting. 

You could even get creative and use supplies from Game to create a unique invitation for your guests to get the dice rolling. 

Snacks and Sips  

Drinks and snacks are a close second to the games when it comes to a world-class game night. You want to ensure that your guests aren’t going hungry while they’re planning their winning strategy. 

We suggest exploring the wide world of finger foods that Woolworths has to offer. Grab a bunch of yummy finger foods that your players can enjoy on the go. They are convenient, delicious and still filling enough to keep anyone from having a hangry accident while getting their game on. 

Woolworths also has a range of sweets and cakes for the guests who have a sweet tooth and are craving a little decadent dessert. 

Another great store to stock up on snacks is Pick n Pay. As one of the most popular retail stores in Roodepoort, Pick n Pay is the ideal snack stop. Grab a few bags of chips, cool drinks, and other snacks, and your guests will be feasting while they enjoy the game night shenanigans. 

Pick n Pay also stocks other game night essentials, such as cups, plates, serviettes and everything else you need to keep everything tidy while you host a night that no one will forget. 

For those who are over 18, visit Pick n Pay Liquor. They have a variety of alcoholic beverages that you can use to make cocktails and other fun drinks for your guests to enjoy. Perhaps your final game of the night could be that everyone makes a themed cocktail, and you can choose which one’s the best. Pro tip: Don’t forget to grab a few bags of ice. 


Get ready to create some lasting memories with your friends and family at your iconic game night that everyone will enjoy. Before you know it, your favourite people will be asking you when you’re throwing another one! So, let Clearwater Mall help you create world-class vibes at your next game night!

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