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The Need To Know On Vegan Options From Clearwater Mall

NEW  |  AUG 2, 2023


Vegan and vegetarian options are not always easy to come by, but recently many restaurants and grocery stores have embraced adding vegan/vegetarian items and options to their product lists and menus. While we may not house stores or restaurants that are strictly vegan/vegetarian, there are stores and restaurants in Clearwater Mall that have some vegan/vegetarian options for you to choose from. 

Everyday Supplies  

When you embrace the vegan lifestyle, there are many everyday products that you realise are not vegan-friendly and that you need to find alternatives for. This includes skincare products, protein supplements, and even vitamins. Thankfully, our trusty friends at Clicks have your back. 

Clicks have a wide range of everyday vegan supplies that you can choose from, such as vegan protein bars and powder for gym goers, as well as vegan skincare and haircare products for self-care fanatics. They also have a range of other vegan ingredients for baking and cooking. 

Another place that has an extensive range of vegan and vegetarian products is Wellness Warehouse. Wellness Warehouse specialises in a selection of health-related products. They have a range of dairy alternatives like different kinds of nut milk and vegan cheeses. They have various vegan ingredients that can be used for cooking and baking so that you can make all your favourite vegan/vegetarian meals at home. 

Check out Woolworths for an extensive range of grocery and skincare products that are high quality and affordable. They have a selection of organic and vegan ingredients you can use for cooking at home, and they also have a range of ready-made meals that you can pop in the microwave and enjoy. 

Any Vegan Options? 

You’ll be surprised to know that many familiar restaurants these days have a few vegan/vegetarian options on their menus. Restaurants like Panarottis have a multitude of vegan/vegetarian pasta and pizza options for you and your family to enjoy. Panarottis allows you to substitute meat dishes for vegetarian options and has vegan cheese ready so that even when you can’t eat cheese, you don’t miss out on a tasty meal.

There are also a few fast-food restaurants that have vegan options on their menu, but the one that truly takes the throne is Burger King. If you’re somewhat unfamiliar with what restaurants in Roodepoort offer but feel like grabbing a quick burger, then check out Burger King’s Vegan Menu. With items such as their vegan chicken nuggets, and a vegan version of their classic Whopper burger, Burger King is a quick and delicious option. 

Looking for something a little more classy but still has a great menu? Book a table at Mugg & Bean. Mugg & Bean is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a bite. They have the best vegan/vegetarian breakfast options that you can enjoy with a creamy cappuccino, or you can try one of their many vegan/vegetarian light meals, like bagels or a juicy wrap. Because they have so many options, it is easy for you to substitute and build your own yummy Mugg & Bean breakfast.

Another great family restaurant you can go to if you’re vegan or have a vegan family member is Spur. Like Mugg & Bean, Spur has many vegan/vegetarian options for you to choose from. There are vegan options you can substitute for, like a vegan burger with a side of crispy fries or a salad with vegan protein. Spur also has a few vegan/vegetarian breakfast options. 

Something For Your Sweet Tooth 

Missing something sweet? It's not easy to find vegan desserts, especially when it comes to desserts like ice cream and gelato. Here at Clearwater, we got you covered. Check out Moody Cow, where they have an array of vegan ice creams, sorbets, and gelatos for you to choose from. They have a range of fun flavours, along with the classics like chocolate and vanilla. Before ordering, make sure to ask the staff members which flavours are vegan and which flavours aren’t. 

Final Words 

There is something for everyone at the restaurants in West Rand, especially the ones in Clearwater Mall. You will never fail to find exactly what you’re looking for when you stop at one of these stores and grab a tasty vegan treat. 

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