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Hey, Tech Nerds? Here’s The Latest From Clearwater Mall

NEW  |  AUG 2, 2023


It’s not easy trying to keep up with all the technological updates these days! Every day there are new phones, computers, TVs, and even fridges coming out with cool new features that have us all mind blown. At Clearwater Mall, we have the latest in all technology, from self-brewing coffee machines to watches you can take pictures on. 

Need A PC Upgrade?  

Computers are one aspect of technology that just keeps getting better. Before, they were giant boxes that took up way too much space and could only send emails, but now computers have reached the level where they are so tiny, you can take them just about anywhere you go.  One of the best computer technology stores near you is Computer Mania in Clearwater Mall.

At Computer Mania, you can shop for the latest in computer hardware and software. Computer Mania is affordable, and their trained staff are knowledgeable when it comes to all things tech. They don’t just sell technology, they also offer repairs, so if you aren’t looking for an upgrade just yet but need a tech doctor, Computer Mania is the way to go.

Another great tech store that specialises in all things computer is Incredible Connection.  Known for being one of the best tech stores around; they have everything you need to secure a new build, including all the little parts, such as fans and cables. Incredible Connections is the ideal place to come when you’re looking for affordable and high-quality computer accessories. 

More Than Just PCs 

Technology is not only about computers these days. Everyday things like toasters and microwaves have evolved to a level where they can now do way more than they could before. Check out the latest in kitchen technology at Game. Here you will find everything you need to take your kitchen from stone age to modern age. If you are just starting your kitchen journey, this is a great first stop. 

At Game, you will find the latest in kitchen essentials at the best prices! Game is well-known for staying up-to-date with modern technology and ensuring that their customers are always satisfied. If Game does not have what you need or you are looking to compare the best prices, visit HifiCorp. 

At HifiCorp, they have great deals on the latest essentials and many more. It’s one of those places where you go and just can’t help but come out with a little something extra. HifiCorp stocks the best TVs, washing machines, kitchen appliances, and more. 

Another great big tech store in Clearwater Mall is, Sounds Great. Just like the name suggests, this store is known to have the latest in sound technology, such as speakers, sound bars and other sound equipment that will take any sound experience to a new level. Watch your favourite concert and feel as if you were in the front row with one of Sounds Great’s latest deals. 

New Phone, Who Dis? 

Cell phones are something that seem to be getting more and more advanced by the year. The latest cellphone software and models are now able to take pictures that are better quality than some digital cameras and have the capabilities and speed that is higher than some computers.

To shop for the newest iPhones and other Apple products, look no further than Clearwater Mall’s iStore. The iStore is Apple's number one store when it comes to the latest in iPhones and Apple accessories. Browse from their many options and find the phone that is perfectly compatible with your lifestyle. With iPhone's latest capabilities and software, you will be fully equipped with everything you need to function in your daily life. 

Not an iPhone person? We’ve got you covered. Samsung is one of the best tech shops to visit when it comes to not only cell phones but other technologies, such as TVs, and fridges too. Samsung is one of the world's largest tech stores and provides high-quality products and devices to its customers. Samsung remains reliable with their service and will surely have exactly what you’re looking for and more. 

Once you have what you need, it's time to personalise and customise. Check out Gadget Geek or Kase Artist for the coolest cellphone cover designs, trinkets, and much more. At Gadget Geek, they focus on providing the latest in trendy phone cases and accessories, offering every colour you can dream of. Kase Artist have cool character cases from some of your favourite shows like Pokemon and Rick & Morty. So make sure to add a personal touch to your devices and find your new favourite phone case at Gadget Geek and Kase Artist. 

Final Words 

Staying up to date with the latest technology isn’t easy, especially since it is evolving every day, but that’s what you have us for. We are here to ensure that you know the lowdown on the latest and greatest by providing you with the best tech store in Clearwater Mall.

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